Hand Injuries

Severe hand and wrist injuries are among the most common working aboard ship. Slips, falls, working with the catch, winches, unguarded machinery, defective and unsafe equipment, and handling pots, nets, and lines can all result in hand injuries ranging from minor lacerations to finger or hand amputation.

At Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC our experienced maritime injury attorneys can help you receive money damages if you injured your hand or wrist at sea because someone else was negligent. We have been winning substantial damage awards for our clients for more than 25 years. For a free consultation with an experienced maritime injury lawyer, please contact our law firm today.

We Have Handled Many Hand And Amputation Cases

Some of the most serious hand injuries happen when a seamen's hand becomes entangled with a moving line, is crushed by equipment or cargo, or when a processor's hand or fingers are caught in a piece of processing equipment. See our case histories for examples of hand injury cases we have successfully handled.

  • We represented a woman who lost her hand and part of her forearm when her sleeve got caught while she was cleaning the surimi auger on a factory trawler. There was no emergency shut off switch nearby.
  • We have also represented fish processors who suffered hand and finger amputations while cutting heads off the catch using fish headers and skinners.

On a fishing boat, even a small open wound can lead to an infection that can result in finger or hand amputation. Get in touch with our firm, and seek medical help before it gets worse.

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