Seattle Maritime Lawyers

Seattle remains the central location for litigating maritime personal injury claims occurring in the Bering Sea and the North Pacific. The maritime lawyers of Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC have handled thousands of Jones Act maritime claims and over 50 maritime wrongful death claims, recovering millions of dollars in damages for their clients.

Our attorneys have been involved in litigating the most significant commercial fishing accidents in the Pacific Northwest, including vessel sinkings such as the Vestfjord, Pacesetter, Pacific Apollo, Amber Dawn, Galaxy, Arctic Rose, Aleutian Enterprise, Lin J, Nesika, and Ocean Challenger. We have the experience and resources necessary to litigate the large fishing companies and their insurance carriers. Call our office at 866-974-9633 to learn more about how we can help you.

Proven Results

Our Seattle maritime lawyers handle all types of maritime injuries, big and small, from broken bone injuries to brain damage and wrongful death. We have handled thousands of maritime injury claims, including some which resulted in millions of dollars recovered for our clients:

Brain Injury for Tug Boat Crewman3.5 million
Ship's Pilot Brain Injury2.1 million
Fish Processor Arm Injury2.6 million
Fish Processor Hand Injury2.5 million
Maritime Wrongful Death2.9 million
Leg Injury1.5 million
Deckhand Injury1.7 million
Foot Injury1.1 million
Tug Boat Hand Injury2.2 million
Neck Injury1.4 million
Back Injury1.0 million

Representing Clients Throughout The Country

Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC's main offices are located in Seattle, Washington, which is home to the Alaska commercial fishing industry, and gateway to container, cargo, and log ships servicing the Pacific Rim. Our firm's practice is limited to maritime injury claims, and our attorneys' experience in handling fishing accidents, ferry boat workers, and tug and barge cases, is difficult to match.

Our clients, located in many states throughout the country, recognize us for our background in maritime law, and familiarity with shipboard practices. Lawyers who have handled a few maritime injury claims simply cannot match the same level of knowledge and experience in handling Jones Act claims that the attorneys of Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC have. The reputation and litigation skills of the lawyers at Stacey & Jacobsen places them in high demand throughout the country. In addition to cases in Washington, our attorneys are handling multiple claims in Oregon and Alaska. We also have claims pending in New York, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and California.


Determining Fault In Your Accident

The most frequent causes of injury aboard ship are the negligence of a fellow crewman and defective equipment. Under the Jones Act, an injured crewman may bring an action directly against his employer for the negligence of an officer, or crew of his ship. Proving negligence in these cases involves analyzing shipboard tasks, procedures, and equipment, to determine whether or not the act, or failure to act, which caused the injury, was reasonably safe. Seamen also have claims for unseaworthiness, and maintenance and cure.

We have handled negligence claims involving virtually every aspect of shipboard operations and procedures including:

Failure to have Safety ProceduresSlip and Falls
Failure to Follow Safety RegulationsLadders and Stair Accidents
Failure to Train, Instruct, and SuperviseLine Handling
Failure to Guard MachineryCrab Pots
Defective EquipmentWinches, Cables, Cranes and Hoists
Lack of StabilityUnder Manning of Vessel
Sleep DeprivationGangways & Pilot Ladders
Lack of Safety EquipmentExcessive Lifting
Cargo HandlingImproper Stowage of Cargo
Lack of Safety TrainingFishing Nets, Gantries and Net Reels
Repetitive StressErgonomics
Negligent Shipboard Medical TreatmentGalley Equipment
Negligent NavigationWorking in Heavy Weather
Conveyor BeltsFreezer Holds
Plate & Blast FreezersFish Headers & Bait Choppers
Block and TackleToxic Chemicals and Fumes

Get The Treatment You Deserve

At Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC, our attorneys pride themselves on getting their clients the medical care they need to have the fullest recovery possible from their injuries. Insurance companies often refuse to authorize needed care, or rush a seaman back to work before he is physically able to return to work.

As an injured seaman, you have the right to see a doctor of your own choosing, not one selected by the insurance company. Under the general maritime law, injured crewmen are entitled to maintenance and cure benefits when they are injured. Before settling any maritime injury claim with an insurance company, you should consult with an experienced maritime injury lawyer.

No Ship Is Off Limits

The attorneys of Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC handle maritime personal injury claims for crewmen, workers, and passengers involved in accidents aboard:

Commercial fishing vesselsTug & BargesFerry Boats
Crab BoatsPassenger VesselsTour & Excursion Vessels
Factory TrawlersLonglinersContainer Ships
Fish ProcessingLog ShipsFreighters
GillnettersSeinersTuna Boats
Pilot BoatsTankers

Port cities in Washington we serve:

Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Aberdeen, Westport, Ilwaco, Bellingham, Anacortes, Ballard, Gig Harbor, Longview, Kalama, Port Angeles, Port Towsend, Grays Harbor, Vancouver.