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The maritime law attorneys of Stacey and Jacobsen have an impressive record of success in winning substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our results set us apart from other firms. Learn why we tell you about our verdicts and settlements, or get in touch with our firm to speak directly to an experienced Jones Act lawyer about your maritime injury by calling 866-974-9633. We have offices in Seattle and Anchorage.

Wrongful death cases

Back injury cases

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Wrongful Death Cases

Fish Processor Wrongful Death — $1.5 Million Settlement

Failure to provide proper medical care

Aviation Accident — $3.3 Million Settlement

Wrongful death claims

Marine Construction Accident — $1 Million Settlement

Wrongful death claim

Fish Processor Wrongful Death — $1.5 Million

Fishing vessel sinking in Alaska

Wrongful Death — Winch Failure On Oil Response Barge $2.9 Million

Deckhand killed when anchoring oil response barge in Alaska. Jones Act Seaman killed as result of defect in cable and winch.

Wrongful Death — Crab Boat Sinking $1 Million

Unseaworthy vessel and lack of training in basic safety procedure led to death of crewman.

Factory Trawler Sinking — Wrongful Deaths $2.3 Million

Alaska sinking of factory trawler results in loss of crewmen's lives. Jones Act/Death on High Seas Act Settlement

Factory Trawler Sinking — Wrongful Death $1.3 million

Alaska sinking of factory trawler results in loss of crewmen's lives. Jones Act/Death on High Seas Act Settlement.

Wrongful Death — Alaska Crab Boat Sinking $1 Million

Failure to have proper safety equipment, including check valves and high water alarms in crab tanks. Jones Act/Death On High Seas Act Settlement.

Wrongful Death — Negligent Rescue $1.4 Million

Crewman died when he fell from Jacob's ladder while transferring between vessels. Improper training in man overboard procedures leads to Jones Act negligence recovery.

Wrongful Death — Alaska Crab Boat Sinking $1.2 Million

Negligent operation of crab boat in icing conditions. Failure to follow vessel stability letter. Jones Act/Death on High Seas Act Settlement.

Wrongful Death — Oregon Crab Boat Sinking $1 Million

Insurance policy limits settlement for crew of Oregon Dungeness crab boat.

Back Injury Cases

Fisherman Back Injury — $1.9 Million Settlement

Negligent lifting procedures on deck of fishing boat

Fish Processor Back Injuries — $1 Million Settlement

A fall down a factory trawler's defective stairs resulted in permanent back injuries for fish processor.

Back Injuries — Fish Processor $1.4 Million

Defective ship's railing leads to fisherman's fall from ship to dock. Back injury requiring fusion.

Head And Neck Injury Cases

Alaska Fisherman Head Injury — $3.5 Million Verdict

Crane accident involving defective hook — limitation of liability act defense defeated

Brain Injury — Tugboat Deckhand $3.5 Million

Deckhand injured on barge when three-foot-long pipe fell from tip of crane, striking crewman in head. Fractured skull, balance disorder, seizures, blowout fractures of eye... Jones Act Settlement.

Skiff Accident — Head Injury — Fractured Legs $1 Million

Deckhands on salmon seiner injured when skiff they were running collides with unlighted barge.

Barge Deckhand Brain Injury $1.1 Million

Faulty equipment and safety procedures lead to brain injury of seaman aboard salvage barge. Jones Act injury recovery.

Brain Injury And Seizure Disorder — Ship's Pilot $2.3 Million

Negligent failure to provide ship's pilot safe exit from container ship to pilot boat.

Brain Injury — Failure Of Deck On Factory Trawler $1.7 Million

Negligent design and welding of deck grating led to deckhand falling through deck. Brain injury, seizure disorder knee injury, vision and balance problems. Jones Act Settlement.

Neck Injury — Oil Response Worker $1.2 Million

Negligent procedures aboard oil response barge and defective equipment led to deckhand's injury. Fusion of neck. Jones Act Settlement.

Hand And Arm Injuries

Hand Injury — Tugboat Deckhand $2.1 Million

Portland, Oregon jury verdict for deckhand injured on tugboat. Negligence of fellow crewmen operating crane led to severe injury of crewman's hand.

Hand Injury — Crab Boat Deckhand $1.9 Million

Deckhand injured while cleaning bait chopper. Negligent guarding of machine and lack of training. Amputation and disfigurement of multiple fingers. Jones Act Seaman Claim.

Fish Processor — Arm And Hand Injury $2.4 Million

Lack of training and failure to follow safety procedures resulted in fish processor's injury while cleaning surimi auger. Jones Act Settlement.

Arm Injury — Oregon Tugboat Captain $1.5 Million

Captain of tugboat suffered severe compound fractures of arm resulting in negligence in offloading crane from barge.

Fish Processor — Amputation Of Hand $2.5 Million

Negligent guarding of fish heading machine leads to amputation of fish processor's hand. Jones Act Settlement.

Arm And Shoulder Injury — Crab Boat Deckhand $1 Million

Crab block injury. Improper guarding of hydraulic controls. Policy Limits Settlement.

Hand Injury — Crab Boat Deckhand $1 Million

Negligent guarding of fish header machine results in deckhand's partial amputation of multiple fingers. Jones Act Settlement.

Foot And Leg Injuries

Clam Boat Deckhand Crushed Foot Injury — $2.35 Million

Jones Act Verdict For deckhand crushed Foot. Vessel found unseaworthy and negligent when moving deck hatch rolled over deckhand's foot on a clam boat.

Ferry Worker — Defective Mooring Line — Fractured Legs $1.5 Million

Deckhand on ferry boat suffered severe fractures to both legs when mooring line parted. Jones Act Settlement.

Deck Hand Leg Injury — RSD $1.2 Million

Crab boat deckhand working in line bin suffered fractured leg when caught in bight of line. Negligent shipboard procedures and lack of training.

Settlement — $1,000,000

For injured tugboat deckhand who slipped and feel down stairs, injuring his ankle.

Frostbite Injury — Amputation Of Toes $1 Million

Fish processor on factory trawler assigned to work in vessel hold, suffered frost bite. Negligent medical treatment aboard ship led to amputation of toes. Jones Act Settlement.

Alaska Crab Boat Deckhand — Leg Fractures $1 Million

Anchorage Alaska jury verdict for deckhand with severely fractured leg, compartment syndrome.

Maintenance And Cure

Failure To Provide Maintenance And Cure — $2.2 Million, $1.3 Million Punitive Damage Award Affirmed By Washington Supreme Court

An engineer aboard an Alaska fish processor injured his back while lifting a heavy sheet of metal. The employer denied his maintenance and cure despite medical opinions recommending further treatment.

Jones Act Claims

Fish Processor Injury Claim — $3.35 million

Jones Act negligence claim

Trawl Winch Injury Claim — $1.8 million

Jones Act claim for shoulder and arm injury caused by negligent operation and maintenance of a trawl winch.

Other Injuries And Claims

Deckhand Explosion Injury — $4 Million

Circulating seawater compressor explosion results in fisherman suffering severe burns.

Psychological Injuries — Fish Processor $1 Million

Fish processor injured during offload of cargo suffered concussion. Injury led to headaches and severe reactive depression. Jones Act Settlement.

Crewman Wage Class Action — $2.5 Million

Labor Arbitration for unearned wages and maintenance and cure benefits.

Maritime And Admiralty Law — Legal Negligence $1 Million

Negligence claim for lawyer's failure to include fishing rights in contract for purchase of fishing vessel. Policy Limits Settlement.

Ship Oil Pollution — Property Damage $1.2 Million

Damage to Puget Sound property caused by illegal discharge of oil from ship.

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