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August 2011 Archives

Fisherman Lost - Yukon Fish Tender Capsizes

A 23-year old man has lost his life running a fish tender on the Yukon River in Alaska. A 32-foot fish tender loaded with fish capsized late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning. Only one crewman, Gerald Minock, was aboard the vessel at the time of the accident. Minock was reportedly working for Boreal Fisheries, which owned the vessel. Boreal is a fish buyer operating out of St. Mary's on the lower river. Witnesses speculate Minock was returning to the dock, and the vessel may have been overloaded with fish. When Minock failed to timely return, a search discovered the overturned skiff and Minock's body about four miles away from the dock.

Court Rules Loss of Consortium Available To Injured Seaman in Western District of Washington

Federal District Judge Marsha Pechman has ruled that an injured seaman's loss of consortium claim is permitted under the general maritime law unseaworthiness doctrine. Applying the holding of the United States Supreme Court in Atlantic Sounding v. Townsend, 129 S. CT. 2561 (2009), Judge Pechman ruled that the general maritime law loss of consortium claim could not be dismissed on a motion for summary judgment, finding it was appropriate under the unseaworthiness doctrine but not available under Jones Act negligence claims.

2011 Norton King Crab Fishery Sets Record Values

This year marked record prices for Norton Sound Red King crab prices. Ex-vessel prices for the crab ranged from $5.04 to $ 5.35 per pound. 24 permit holders participated in the fishery landing over 401,000 pounds of crab. The 2011 season lasted just 33 days. In 1979, over three million pounds of Red King crab was landed; however, the price was then just a meager .75 cents per pound. Because of the exclusive nature of the fishery and the short season, the Norton Red King crab fishery remains largely a local small boat fishery.

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