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September 2012 Archives

One Crewman Missing After Fishing Vessel MAVERICK Sinks

The Coast Guard is reporting that one crewman is missing from the fishing vessel MAVERICK after the vessel collided with the fishing vessel VIKING STORM. Three of the four crewmen aboard the MAVERICK were rescued by the VIKING STORM crew after the two vessels collided 30 miles west of La Push. The Coast Guard is continuing an air and sea search for the missing crewman. The accident occurred on Friday, Sept. 28. The three rescued crewmen are reported to be in stable condition. No further facts are known about the accident at this time.

Sunken F/V WESTERN FLYER Leaks Oil in Swinomish Channel near Mount Vernon, WA

On Monday, September 24, the Washington Department of Ecology and the Coast Guard responded to a report that 71-foot wooden hulled F/V WESTERN FLYER, built in 1937, had sunk with a possible 750 gallons of fuel in the northern part of the Swinomish Channel near the Twin Bridge Marina and was causing noticeable oil sheen above the vessel, with some of it spreading southward down the channel.

HORIEI MARU Sinks After Collision with NIKKEI TIGER off Japan; Thirteen Fishermen Missing

Before dawn on Monday morning (Japan local time), while the crew of F/V HORIEI MARU were sleeping, HORIEI MARU and cargo ship M/V NIKKEI TIGER collided. This happened about 560 miles into the Pacific off Miyagi Prefecture, which is roughly 190 miles north of Tokyo.

F/V ALLISON C Floods Off Coast of Southern California - Crew Rescued

On September 20, the Coast Guard and the Air National Guard concerted their efforts to rescue three fishermen aboard 85-foot F/V ALLISON C. The crew called the Coast Guard for help, saying they were taking on water, possibly from a hole in the bottom of the boat, and that they were unable to control the flooding. They were located about 125 nautical miles southwest of Point Piedras Blancas, California, at the time.


F/V MOONLIGHT MAID sank the night of September 20 in Resurrection Bay. Wooden hulled, 110-foot MOONLIGHT MAID was once a World War II sub chaser, SC 536, serving in the South Pacific. After the war, she was sold and used for fishing.

Crewman Falls Overboard Of SERENADE OF THE SEAS Off Italy

Sometime around 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. on September 20, passengers aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ship SERENADE OF THE SEAS reported a man overboard in rough seas in the Adriatic Sea, about 40 miles off Ancona, while bound for Venice, Italy. Apparently, the man was a 24-year-old man from Panama who was working as a galley steward. Italian and Croatian Coast Guards conducted a search by sea and by air, but did not find him.

ALLURE OF THE SEAS Passenger Goes Overboard and Remains Missing

Sunday, September 16, at 9:25 p.m. EDT, a person identified only as a 21-year-old woman from Bartlett, Tennessee, went overboard of Royal Caribbean cruise ship ALLURE OF THE SEAS. This happened about 47 miles east of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, not long after ALLURE OF THE SEAS had departed for a seven-day cruise, with Nassau the next destination. According to reports, one other guest witnessed the tragedy, and the cruise ship surveillance camera recorded and confirmed the woman having gone into her cabin but not coming back out. It has not been disclosed under what circumstances she went overboard.

Two Fishermen Rescued After Boat Sinks Near Point Amelia, Alaska

On Saturday, September 8, the Coast Guard, local rescue agencies, and Good Samaritans searched for and rescued two men whose boat sank off Beaver Point, Alaska. The boat is said to be a 28-foot aluminum vessel called KAITLIN RAI. When waves capsized her, the men were able to climb onto the hull, which gave them time to take some action before she sunk. Stonie "Mac" Huffman was able to find a survival suit floating among the debris, and eventually was able to don it. With some mutual effort, Ryan Hunter Harris was able to get into a fishing tote and kept afloat in that manner. The waves soon separated the men. Mac Huffman spent the night floating in his survival suit before landing on the beach at Point Amelia and attracting rescuers.

New Safety Compliance Regulations for Commercial Fishing Vessels Effective October 16

On October 16, per the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010, a dockside safety inspection or current documentation proving full compliance with the regulations set forth in 46 CFR Section 28 becomes mandatory for all U.S. commercial fishing, tender, and processing vessels operating or traversing more than three miles from the U.S. territorial sea baseline*. The dockside safety inspection requirement also applies to fishing vessels with more than sixteen people on board, anywhere, and to fish tenders in the Aleutian Trade.

F/V DEEP SEA Sparks Renewed Awareness of Abandoned Vessel Problems

This past May, former crab vessel DEEP SEA made news when it burned and sank in Penn Cove, Washington, leaking fuel and causing other pollution so near the Penn Cove mussel beds. According to reports, the state spent over five million dollars dealing with that. Once again, the issue of the disposal of aging, abandoned vessels is called to public awareness. Many boats have fuel, asbestos, lead paint and other toxic coatings, garbage and debris, and other pollutants on board. Some are rusted out, while others are of rotting wood. Some still float, for now, and others are grounded. It often costs more to dispose of such a vessel properly than any proceeds from the scrap, so many are simply abandoned, sometimes causing great environmental damage. We tax payers pay for the clean-ups. Fining the owners of these derelicts doesn't solve the problem when they can't or won't pay. Proposed legislation for stricter rules and penalties have yet to pass.

F/V ADVANTAGE Sinks Near Kodiak Island; One Missing, One Dies, Two Survive

Shortly after midnight on August 31, the Coast Guard received an EPIRB signal from F/V ADVANTAGE, about fourteen miles southeast of Kodiak Island. When the ADVANTAGE crew did not answer radio calls, the Coast Guard deployed a helicopter out of Air Station Kodiak. Arriving on the scene at around 1:00 a.m., they found a debris field and three hypothermic men in their life raft, whom they airlifted to local emergency medical care in Kodiak. One of the men in the life raft, Skipper Leif Bolan, died later. The other two men are recovering.

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