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Boat Sinks in American Lake, WA - One Brother Survives, But the Other Does Not

On Tuesday, October 9, two brothers went out on American Lake near Lakewood, WA, to test drive what witnesses say was an older Bayliner with an inboard/outboard motor. One of the brothers was thinking of buying this boat.

According to a Lakewood Police Department report, once out on the lake, the brothers experienced trouble getting the drive unit down, but eventually were able to do so. Not long thereafter, they noticed steam coming from the motor, stopped the boat, and removed the motor cover in order to pinpoint the problem. This is when they noticed the boat was flooding through a hole near where the drive unit connects with the stern. As the boat started sinking, the two brothers each took a seat cushion and began to swim to shore, about 200 yards away.

One brother, said to be the elder of the two, realized he'd not make it to shore and swam back to the bow-up partially sunken boat. As he swam, he looked for his brother, who apparently went missing about 75 yards from shore. Another boater picked this elder brother up and he survived.

Sadly, the search for Franklin R. Harvey, 63, met with no success that day. On Wednesday, Mr. Franklin's body was located. An investigation is underway.

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