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Record Size Halibut Caught off Norway Last Week

This halibut could be a world record for largest Atlantic halibut caught with rod and reel. The International Game Fish Association needs to make it official, but, according to the reports, this fish measures around nine feet in length and weighs in at 513 pounds. (The standing record for catching an Atlantic halibut with rod and reel is for 419 pounds.) This particular halibut was so big that the fisherman, Marco Liebenow of Germany, took about ninety minutes to bring it up next to his boat, and then because it was too big to get into the boat, he and four other men tied a rope to the tail and hauled it in to shore that way.

The people living near where he landed the fish will be dining well for a while, as Liebenow has given the fish to a local fish dealer.

It is not unheard of to catch halibut over 400 pounds. Atlantic halibut are capable of growing as large as fifteen feet, 700 pounds, and live fifty years, if they aren't caught by hungry sharks, seals, and people first. Pacific halibut can get pretty big, too, and can live over fifty years. The rod and reel record for Pacific halibut is 459 pounds by a sports fisherman in Alaskan waters.

A part of me thinks that any fish which has managed to live that long should be allowed to continue living. Another part of me says, "Bon appetite!"

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