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Iliuliuk Family and Health Services - Unalaska

Fishing and processing fish in the waters of Alaska is rewarding work, but it can be dangerous. If you are injured or take ill while working on a vessel on the Bering Sea near the Aleutian Islands, it's likely that you'll be taken to the Iliuliuk Family and Health Services (IFHS) in Unalaska. The town of Unalaska is located near Dutch Harbor on the northern part of Unalaska Island, right in the middle of the Aleutian Chain.

You'll either receive all the treatment you need there, or, for more serious conditions, you will be triaged there while awaiting transport to the lower 48 for further treatment.

IFHS started out in 1972 as a non-profit corporation housed in a room at the local school with one nurse on staff. A doctor would visit the area from time to time. Over the years, in answer to the demands generated by a developing fishing industry and population expansion, IFHS grew and is now a 20,000 square foot medical center with doctors, doctor's assistants, nurses, a dentist, behavioral health counselors, a pharmacy, an ER, an X-ray room, office space for the medical and administrative staffs (around 30 staff in total), and more.

Through all of this time, IFHS has remained non-profit and true to their commitment to the local people as well as to those who are in the area for work. Their mission statement is: "To provide quality integrated health care and to promote health and well being."

These days, the Dutch Harbor/Unalaska area is served by Penninsula Airways (PenAir), in affiliation with Alaska Airlines. If you need a medevac after being seen at IFHS, you'll probably be transported to Anchorage via a PenAir Saab 340 turbo prop, which does well on the short Dutch Harbor runway. Then, if you need more care than can be had in Anchorage, you'll probably be flown from there to Seattle.

If you are injured or become ill while employed on a vessel in Alaska, you have a seaman's rights to maintenance, cure, and lost wages. This means your employer owes you a daily allowance similar to what you'd incur while working on the vessel, your reasonable medical costs at IFHS or elsewhere until maximum medical cure, as well as your wages through the end of your contract.

The attorneys at Stacey & Jacobsen practice general maritime and Jones Act law on behalf of injured seamen, as well as handle other maritime injury claims, such as for unseaworthiness. Contact us if you think you need help after being injured while working at sea.

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