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Risk of death in commercial fishing, part 2: efforts to improve safety

In the first part of this post, we took note of the risk of death to workers in the commercial fishing industry. Four fishermen have lost their lives on this season of the popular reality-TV show Deadliest Catch. In 2014, there were 22 deaths from fishing-related injuries.

Facts about freezer work, part 2: How dangerous is it for workers?

Large fishing vessels called freezer-trawlers and freezer-longliners process and freeze their catch while out at sea. As we discussed in part one of this post, freezer-trawlers (FTs) and freezer-longliners (FLs) can be dangerous for workers due to the heavy equipment and exposure to numerous risk factors. Many workers decide to take the risk in order to potentially reap a lot of cash for big hauls.


A crewmember loading crab pots aboard the ICY MIST, a 58-foot fishing vessel, was injured when a crab pot fell on him on Sunday, October 20, 2014. The ICY MIST was fishing in six-foot seas off of Cold Bay, AK, a small Alaska Peninsula town located 150 miles southeast of Sandpoint, Alaska. According to the AK Coast Guard, they received a call from the boat alerting them of the injury. A flight surgeon recommended the medevac, so a Jayhawk helicopter flew from Cold Bay, hoisted the injured crewmember aboard, and flew him to emergency medical personnel at the Cold Bay clinic. The fisherman was reported as stable and coherent.

F/V LANIKAI Turns Back To Cordova, Alaska, For Crewman's Eye Injury

Earlier today, a crewman on board F/V LANIKAI sustained an eye injury off Hinchinbrook Island. The crew contacted the Coast Guard, who deployed a helicopter crew who were training nearby. They dropped a rescue swimmer to attend to the man's injury while LANIKAI headed to Cordova for medical treatment. The seas were three feet with 17mph winds. 

F/V ALASKA JURIS Crewman Medevaced for Possible Hernia

Yesterday, about 110 miles north of Cold Bay, Alaska, the Coast Guard responded to a call from Healthforce Partners that a crewman aboard ALASKA JURIS may have suffered a hernia and required help. The Coast Guard Station Kodiak helicopter crew safely hoisted the man and took him to Cold Bay for medical care.

Crewman Suffers Leg Injury on F/V MICHAEL S - Louisiana

Yesterday morning, the crew aboard 75-foot MICHAEL S contacted the Coast Guard for immediate assistance. One of their crew apparently had stepped over a sprocket in the engine room, resulting in a severed leg. While they awaited help, crewmates used a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

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