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Maritime Death Archives

Lost passenger is fifth man overboard off cruise ships this year

Cruise ships may seem like floating hotels, but passengers face some risks they never would on land, even in calm seas. There have been five man overboard incidents involving cruise ship crew and passengers so far this year, most recently involving a Florida man on the Carnival Victory cruise ship.

Chemical Leak Claims Life Of Cody Cecil Aboard F/V ALPINE COVE - Kodiak, Alaska

Apparently, the crew was asleep during a chemical leak, possibly of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) from the vessel refrigeration system. According to reports, one of the crew on board F/V ALPINE COVE smelled something strange as they lay moored in St. Herman's Harbor, one of the marinas located at Near Island in Kodiak, Alaska. He called for help as he woke his crew mates.

F/V RUTH Runs Aground near Coos Bay, Oregon - Two Rescued, One Dead

Sunday night at 10:21, the Coast Guard received an unregistered EPIRB signal near Charleston, Oregon, which is located near the opening of Coos Bay. Shortly before 5:00 a.m., a search by sea and shore turned up the EPIRB floating in a small debris field a couple of miles in from the jetty.

F/V ANNA LANE Anchor Winch Accident - Cook Inlet, Alaska

On the morning of July 4, Lewis Byerly, 55, of Wisconsin, was working at the anchor chain area when his hand got caught in the chain and was pulled bodily into the motorized winch. The one other person on board, the captain, tried to free Mr. Byerly, but it was not possible. The captain called for help, after which Ninilchik Emergency Medical Services arrived by charter boat, but Mr. Byerly had passed away by the time they arrived.

F/V ALEUT SISTERS Crewman Dies in Fishing Accident Near Chignik Lagoon, Alaska

On July 4 at around 9:30 p.m., Joey J. Paul, 25, fell five feet into the engine shaft area of 36-foot F/V ALEUT SISTERS. The engine was on at the time. Mr. Paul was taken to the local clinic where he was pronounced dead. No foul play is suspected, but so far no one understands why Mr. Paul fell. Of course, an investigation has begun and will include OSHA.

Three Paul Brothers in Fire Aboard F/V PAULINE II at Egegik, Alaska

Around 3:30 a.m. on July 4, a fire broke out on 30-foot, fiberglass hulled F/V PAULINE II while moored at the Alaska General Seafoods cannery dock in Egegik, Alaska. Three brothers, Joe Paul, 50, Paul Paul, 55, and Harberg Paul, the eldest brother, were on board. According to reports, brothers Joe and Paul were rescued by other fishermen who noticed the flames; these two brothers were burned and were taken for medical treatment. Sadly, a body believed to be their elder brother, Harberg, was found after the fire. An investigation as to the cause of this terrible fire began immediately.

Ammonia Leak Aboard F/V EIGIL B Takes Lifelong Fisherman

On the morning of June 24, , resulted in a fatality when Charles "Chuck" Baker, 82, of Auburn, Washington, was injured in the initial blast and ensuing leak of over fifty pounds of anhydrous ammonia aboard 80-foot F/V EIGIL B. EIGIL B was moored at Sitka Sound Seafoods in Sitka, AK, at the time. Mr. Baker was flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle that day, but he died of his injuries the next day.

Man Overboard of F/V ESPERANZA Near Cordova, Alaska

F/V ESPERANZA lost a crew member to drowning at around 7:30 a.m. on June 10 when Cornell Perry Bean, Jr. went overboard without a life jacket in the Gulf of Alaska near Cordova. It took ESPERANZA crewmates about ten minutes to locate him in the foggy weather, after which CPR was administered for another hour. Sadly, the CPR did not revive Mr. Bean.

Lifelong Fisherman, Stian Stiansen, Perishes in Capsizing Accident at Shinnecock Inlet, NY

This past Sunday afternoon at around 2:00, the two fishermen aboard 45-foot commercial trawler PAULINE IV were heading back into Shinnecock Inlet after a day at sea. But, while attempting to enter the inlet, the vessel was tossed in heavy waves into the rocks and capsized. Crewmember Scott Finne went overboard, but was able to hold fast to a net float until he was rescued by Sea Tow captain and volunteer firefighter, Lester Trafford. Trafford was first to reach the scene, braving the rough seas to locate Finne, guided by communication with shore and a police helicopter.

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