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Groundfish Fishery In Pacific Northwest Certified Sustainable By Marine Stewardship Council

Any national controversy regarding the terms of renewal of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act aside, there is good news for our local groundfish fisheries of the Pacific Northwest. In fact, trawlers who fish these waters for Dover sole, rockfish, black cod, and certain other groundfish have been certified, as of June 3, 2014, by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as sustainably managed. What this amounts to is that these fisheries have been shown by scientific review to be managed in such a way as to preserve marine life and ecologies, and can thus display the MSC eco-label on their products.

Safety Board Finds American Seafoods Company Lacked Safety Procedures In 2013 Allision Involving F/T American Dynasty

The Canadian Transportation Board has issued a report criticizing American Seafoods Company for a lack of safety preparedness in a 2013 allision between AMERICAN DYNASTY and the Canadian Frigate HMSC WINNIPEG. AMERICAN DYNASTY is a 272-foot American factory trawler run by a crew of up to 150 crewmen which experienced an electrical blackout while docking in Esquimalt, Victoria B.C., in 2013. During the blackout, the vessel gained speed and veered to the starboard before striking the WINNIPEG. The Safety Board noted that the auxiliary motors did not automatically turn on during the black out, and there was a breakdown in communication between the bridge and engineering department, resulting in the engineer not knowing the need to take urgent action to avoid the allision.

F/V BRISTOL LEADER Galley Fire Delays Departure from Seattle

Early Tuesday morning, a fire broke out in the galley of BRISTOL LEADER, a 167-foot freezer-longliner moored at Pier 91in Seattle. She had been scheduled to leave for the Bering Sea to fish cod, but will now remain in Seattle for repairs for another week.

F/V ARCTIC PROWLER To Be Christened October 5

Prowler Fisheries, based in Petersburg, Alaska, will be adding to their active fleet of freezer longliners very soon. The new F/V ARCTIC PROWLER is set to be christened on October 5 in Ketchikan. Already in their fleet are F/V PROWLER, F/V BERING PROWLER, F/V OCEAN PROWLER, and F/V KJEVOLJA.

Record Size Halibut Caught off Norway Last Week

This halibut could be a world record for largest Atlantic halibut caught with rod and reel. The International Game Fish Association needs to make it official, but, according to the reports, this fish measures around nine feet in length and weighs in at 513 pounds. (The standing record for catching an Atlantic halibut with rod and reel is for 419 pounds.) This particular halibut was so big that the fisherman, Marco Liebenow of Germany, took about ninety minutes to bring it up next to his boat, and then because it was too big to get into the boat, he and four other men tied a rope to the tail and hauled it in to shore that way.

F/V NORTHERN LEADER Christened and Preparing for the Bering Sea

At Pier 91 in Seattle this past Wednesday, Hattie Albecker of Ugashik, Alaska, christened 184-foot F/V NORTHERN LEADER, newly finished with the paint not quite dry in some spots, with the traditional bottle of champagne. NORTHERN LEADER had been christened before, that time back in January when she was launched at the shipyard prior to the last few months of construction and finishing touches. And now, within the next week or so, she'll sail north for the first time to fish, process, and freeze cod in the Bering Sea.

Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 Effective in August

The long awaited Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 (MLC) will take effect August 20, 2013. Before it could take effect, the Convention required ratification by at least thirty State members (countries) totaling 33% of world gross tonnage of ships, and then a wait of one year after the signing of the thirtieth State. The Russian Federation became the thirtieth signor on August 20, 2012, bringing the world gross tonnage to almost 60% on that date. As of today, there are 43 ratifications. For a list of member States and pending members, please click here.

NPFMC June 2013 Brief on Regulating Flow Scales on Fishing Vessels

In order to address ongoing concerns such as those arising from fraud allegations on American Seafoods, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) has come up with some potential revisions to existing flow scale regulations. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) will consult with the NPFMC, industry participants, and the public to hear questions before developing regulations in keeping with the revisions proposed in the Brief.

F/V TUXEDNI Crew Awarded Gold Life Saving Medals for Rescue of F/V HERITAGE Crew

Early on January 25, 2012, the seven-person crew of F/V HERITAGE placed a distress call as their vessel sank in rough seas off Kodiak, AK. The Coast Guard picked up two of the HERITAGE crew from the water by helicopter, as Seattle-based F/V TUXEDNI crew picked up the other five from their life raft.

NOAA Fisheries Observer Program To Go Under Review

Fishing is among the most hazardous jobs in the world, and when a NOAA Fisheries Observer goes aboard a fishing vessel, he or she is exposed to many of the same dangers that fishers face. There have been times when an observer has died during the course of their work, as when NOAA observer Chris Langel of Wisconsin went missing along with all three crewmembers as F/V LADY CECELIA sank off the Washington Coast in March of 2012.

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