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Safety Board Finds American Seafoods Company Lacked Safety Procedures In 2013 Allision Involving F/T American Dynasty

The Canadian Transportation Board has issued a report criticizing American Seafoods Company for a lack of safety preparedness in a 2013 allision between AMERICAN DYNASTY and the Canadian Frigate HMSC WINNIPEG. AMERICAN DYNASTY is a 272-foot American factory trawler run by a crew of up to 150 crewmen which experienced an electrical blackout while docking in Esquimalt, Victoria B.C., in 2013. During the blackout, the vessel gained speed and veered to the starboard before striking the WINNIPEG. The Safety Board noted that the auxiliary motors did not automatically turn on during the black out, and there was a breakdown in communication between the bridge and engineering department, resulting in the engineer not knowing the need to take urgent action to avoid the allision.

American Seafoods Company Issued NOVAs for Alleged Scale Tampering

On May 8, NOAA issued American Seafoods Company, LLC, two separate Notices of Violation and Assessment (NOVA) for allegedly tampering with weighing equipment, namely flow scales, and then logging the subsequent false results on board catcher/processors F/V OCEAN ROVER and F/V NORTHERN EAGLE. (Ocean Rover, LLC, and Northern Eagle, LLC, are subsidiaries of American Seafoods.) One previous 32-count NOVA, which is still pending for the same type of offense, was issued against F/V AMERICAN DYNASTY in 2012.

American Seafoods Factory Trawler Allides with Canadian Naval Frigate in Victoria, B.C.

On April 23, F/V AMERICAN DYNASTY, a Seattle-based, 272-foot catcher-processor owned by American Seafoods Company, ran hard into the moored 440-foot HMCS WINNIPEG, a Canadian naval frigate which had just completed a refit and upgrade and was due to resume service within weeks. According to reports, workers inside WINNIPEG were thrown about, having had no warning. Of the 65 civilian workers aboard WINNIPEG, six were taken to the hospital to treat non-life threatening injuries and then released. The nine crewmembers aboard AMERICAN DYNASTY were reported as uninjured.

NOAA Proposes $543,500 Fine for F/V AMERICAN DYNASTY

On August 7, NOAA released an enforcement action summary which includes a summary of violations by Seattle-based American Seafoods Company factory trawler AMERICAN DYNASTY. NOAA issued a $543,500 Notice of Violation Assessment for 32 counts of Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act civil infractions. The infractions cited in the summary include failing to maintain or operate a flow scale for accurately weighing fish; submitting inaccurate or false data, statements, or reports; not complying with flow scale testing requirements; not providing information to an observer or not having an observer present; not complying with reporting requirements; failing to weigh catch; interfering with or biasing an observer's sampling procedure; and not providing reasonable assistance. The charges are against the owner, manager and operator of AMERICAN DYNASTY.

American Seafoods Company Violates Clean Air Act - Agrees to Restitution

It's been announced that American Seafoods Company, LLC, and its sister company, Pacific Longline Company, LLC, both of Seattle, must pay a $700,000 penalty, phase out their use of ozone depleting refrigerants, and perform restitution for multiple violations, which include illegally importing over 70,000 kilograms of R-22 between 2006 and 2009, failures to promptly repair ozone depleting refrigerant leaks, failures to make certain repairs were adequate, failure to employ certified repair personnel, and failure to keep accurate repair records.

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