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Take it from the one-eyed skipper: improving deck safety is a worldwide challenge

The veteran skipper was winching up his vessel's anchor when a longline snapped. Within seconds, the line tore across the front of his face, inflicting such severe damage that he ended up losing an eye.

Father of drowned fisherman urges safety for others

Don’t set foot on a fishing boat without a knife, and make sure it’s tethered to you. The father of a drowned conch fisherman wants others to hear this message, in the hopes that it will help prevent tragedies like the one his family experienced last summer.

Nantucket fishermen rescued after engine room fire

Two Nantucket Sound fisherman escaped injuries after a fire in their engine room on the morning of May 11. The Coast Guard heard about the fire on the F/V Jupiter from two sources at the same time: they received a radio call from the boat's captain as well as a report from an aircraft crew that saw smoke from above.

Federal engineers working on making winches safer

Five years ago, a 15-year-old died after getting caught in a winch on a shrimp vessel off the coast of Mississippi. Since then, engineers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have been looking at ways to prevent winch injuries, which are particularly common on shrimp boats in the Gulf of Mexico.

After vessel capsize, a reminder of Oregon river bar dangers

Last year, at least seven people died in boating accidents on river bars along the Oregon Coast. Although no deaths have been reported so far this year, at least one recreational vessel has capsized, and the Coast Guard is being proactive in encouraging mariners to check bar restrictions before setting out.

Florida pleasure boater injured in collision with fishing vessel

A recreational boater was hurt when a commercial fishing boat's outrigger hit a smaller pleasure boat near Port Canaveral recently. The April 2 incident involved a 48-foot commercial fishing vessel, the Joyce Marie, and a 25-foot recreational boat about two miles from shore.

Company buyout won’t stop investigation of Alaska Juris sinking

When boats sink or disappear, it can take years to find out what happened, and some mysteries are never fully solved. One thing that won’t necessarily stop a Coast Guard investigation, however, is a change in ownership of a vessel.

What happened to the F/V Destination in the Bering Sea?

After the Coast Guard abandoned its search for the F/V Destination earlier this week, plenty of questions remain about what happened. And without much evidence to go on, we may be wondering about the vessel's disappearance for a long time.

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